Residences MIDA s.r.o.
     Pod Děvínem 48, Praha 5-Smíchov, 150 00

     Dear business partners,

     The Residences MIDA s.r.o., company started to develop its activities already in 1978 by building of its first rentable house in Prague, at the Branik area (Prague-4). One year later another residential house was built in Prague, at Smichov (Prague-5), followed by a third house at Podoli (Prague-4). At the present time we offer a fourth house for renting at Podoli (Prague-4).
     From the very beginning we set our standards of the housing very high. All our rented housing is located at the prestigious Prague locations. The basic standard of our housing includes air conditioning, elevators, phone and data lines, 24-hour reception desks, sufficient number of parking spaces, and others.

     We are able to offer a list of our most important clients who rented our housing.

The house at Branik (Prague-4):
1978 - 1981 A chairman of the Swedish company Ericsson

The house at Smichov (Prague-5):
1979 - 1984 Chairman of the German company BASF
1984 - 1986 French Embassy (a consul)
1986 - 1989 Chairman of the French company CBC
1984 - 1999 Chairmen of the Austrian company VOEST ALPINE
1997 - 1999 Chairman of the company VOLVO

House 901 at Podoli (Prague-4):
2000 - 2005 Firm VITALAND
2000 - firm VB Leasing
2000 - firm ISM , Profiles International a.s.
2001 - Firm SAK (Law firm Vitek - Mrazek)

House 902 at Podoli (Prague-4):
The house is free for rent starting on June 1, 2006.

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